Bonding and beaches - holidaymakers take pets in tow to spend quality time

As a nation of pet lovers it comes as no surprise that Brits are reluctant to be parted from their four legged friends for extended periods of time. But while the annual holiday would have been the exception to this rule in times gone by, new research has revealed that this is no longer the case. A study conducted by Blue Cross found that pet friendly holidays are enjoying a surge in popularity as pet owners increasingly opt to use their holidays to bond with their furry friends.

The study found that one third of pet owners are opting for a staycation so that they can ensure their pets are in tow when they head off on their breaks. Wales, south west England and the Lake District emerged as the most popular animal-friendly destinations among UK pet owners. Other UK pet owners are reluctant to give up the idea of a foreign holiday and as a result have opted to invest in pet passports so that they are able to pack their bags and make a beeline for destinations abroad including France, Ireland and Spain.

Commenting on the study findings, Lara Alford, rehoming centre manager at the Blue Cross, said: “I take my dogs (and usually one tortoise) on holiday every year. I take them for a holiday in England and then have a holiday abroad without them. "They have a great time and love going and I love having them with me, they are a big part of my family after all." Dogs are the most likely pet chosen to accompany owners on holiday, with horses second, followed by rabbits and guinea pigs.”

Gemma Taylor has two labradors and said: “I mostly holiday with my two dogs. Due to the hot weather this year we decided to do the travel to the Lakes in the evening when the weather was cooler. Although this helped miss the traffic as well. "When holidaying in mountain regions it is important to keep an eye out for underlying dangers such as mine shafts or sudden drops."

Date Created: 04 August 2014

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