Las Vegas voted ‘overspend’ capital of the year

The bright lights of the Las Vegas strip have tempted many a holidaymaker to take a flutter or two. And with more than a thousand licensed gambling venues in the area it’s not hard to why see few can resist the temptation to spend, spend, spend. Now the Brits have voted Vegas as the overspend capital of the year, with two-thirds of those quizzed by revealing that they had splashed a whole lot of cash in the so-called Sin City.

The research also offered up an insight into the reasons behind more than half (57%) of Brits putting paid to their entire holiday budget while overseas. More than half (55%) admitted that they had let loose with their travel budgets whilst abroad because they were ‘caught up in the excitement of being on holiday’. A further 33% confessed that their holiday overspend could be attributed to the fact that they ‘had not budgeted well’ for their trip.

Commenting on the research findings, and offering some useful pointers for tourists, Matthew Wood, a spokesman for, said: “It’s easy to see why people overspend on holiday.

“You’re often caught in the moment and just want to enjoy yourself, leaving all the financial constraints and worries at home.

“Plus, in the back of your mind, you know that you may only get one chance to see, do and buy these things; you might never go back to that destination again! The best way to get round this, which is often overlooked during the planning process, is to do a bit more research into what the destination and local area has to offer before you step foot anywhere near a plane.

Date Created: 24 July 2014

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