Travel firm offers Google Glass loan to top spending customers

Google Glass has just hit UK with a whopping price tag of £1,000 attached. The Android-powered Glass eyewear is set to revolutionise the way we interact with our environment, helping to ensure that the information we need is literally placed before our very eyes.

Now one UK travel firm is giving travellers the chance to sample this most futuristic of technologies for the grand price of £0. Members of the Holidaysplease reward scheme will be able to borrow the feature-packed glasses for their holiday, provided they take travel insurance out that covers the cost of the glasses. While looking every bit like a pair of ordinary designer glasses, Google Glass can do some much more than sharpen wearer’s vision. Users can take photos/videos courtesy of Google Glass – ideal for capturing the perfect holiday snap and a variety of information can also be delivered live to the user’s eyeline. This can include holiday specific information such as currency exchange rates and flight times.

Team Google Glass with the Word Lens app, recently acquired by Google, and users can have foreign signs translated into English before their very eyes. To ensure that Google Glass wearers are mindful of other’s privacy on holiday, Holidaysplease has published guidelines for the use of the glasses by their customers.

Google Glass makes its mark on Copenhagen Airport Google Glass also made its impact on the world of travel in another area recently, with Copenhagen Airport achieving a world first by trialling the technology among its staff. “The feedback from our passengers and service team has been overwhelmingly positive,” says the airport’s Marie-Louise Lotz.

“We found Google Glass very easy to use, and more user-friendly than other devices such as tablets.” She went on to describe how the glasses helped to enhance the airport experience: “We can reduce the amount of paper our managers need to carry, such as duty rosters, desk allocation sheets, peak prognosis, passenger numbers and cruise arrivals. “And because the devices are hands-free, our managers are not focusing on a screen and can engage better with our passengers.”

If you are heading off on holiday this summer it is important to ensure that your travel insurance covers the cost of replacing items of holiday luggage.

Date Created: 26 June 2014

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