The new bucket list: travelling the globe, scuba diving and erm...going naturist

When it comes to the list of activities we are keen to sample before we ‘kick the bucket’ it seems run of the mill pursuits will no longer do.

While in times gone by we may have been content to put goals such as ‘see a glorious sunset’ on our bucket list, today we want to go bigger and better. And where do we want to start? Well it isn’t with a visit to just one destination. In fact, travelling the world (53%) took its place at the top of things we want to do before we leave this mortal coil.

This is according to research conducted by AA Life Insurance which also revealed the ‘must do’ bucket list activities that completed survey respondent’s top five. These were as follows: Learn a new skill - 31%, Go on a road trip - 30%, Take up a new hobby - 24%, Conquer a fear - 19%

Other bucket list activities that will no doubt be connected to intrepid travellers include going on a road trip (30%) and going scuba diving (14%). The survey also revealed some other unusual bucket list items; showing that consumers are willing to move outside of their comfort zone to achieve their bucket list dreams. These included: Going naturist, Swimming with pike, Milking a cow, Driving a Routemaster bus.

Commenting on the survey findings, Mark Huggins, Director of AA Financial Services said: “Many of the things on people’s bucket lists are the typical ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences like travel the world or do something adventurous like skydiving. A lot of people want to ‘better themselves’ by conquering a fear or learning a new skill, for instance.

“Many are easily achievable – such as taking up a new hobby. Others, for instance travelling the world, could be quite expensive, while something like meeting an idol could simply be down to luck.” If you are heading off on a trip around the globe, it’s important to organise worldwide travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 20 June 2014

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