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Backpacker bonding: ‘first ever social network for hostels’ launched

Staying in hostel can be the perfect way to meet travellers from all four corners of the globe. Backpackers often share a common mission to make the most of their destination of choice, without breaking their budgets, so it’s no wonder that so many connections are forged between them.Now a new app aims to take this process of backpacker bonding even easier, allowing globetrotters to find out who is staying at their hostel and enabling them to merge their itineraries into one. Hallways is described as the ‘first ever social network for hostels’ giving travellers the chance to connect with fellow hostel guests and join their events or even create events of their own.And with the World Cup already underway Hallways has also launched a special feature that allows hostellers cum footie fans to find fellow fans to watch one of the most important events in the football calendar.

“Hallways is the first app that lets backpackers connect with the people and events they care about most - the ones in their hostel,” said Benjamin Moshe, CEO of Hallways. “During the World Cup, travelers are particularly interested in meeting fans of their side - Hallways lets you find supporters of your team to watch every match with, right in the app.”

Via the app users can locate supporters of their favourite team whichever city they are in before using chat or private messaging to organise to watch the match at a hostel or local pub. Describing the benefits offered by the app, Alex Rivers, managing director of Astor Hostels London, a Hallways launch partner, said: “We see Hallways as a great way to manage our events and stay in touch with our guests. “We think it's really going to improve our atmosphere and create a better guest experience.”

Hallways is available on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices at www.hallwaysapp.com. Native apps for iOS and Android will be released later this summer. If you are heading off on holiday abroad in the coming months, it’s important to organise backpackers travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 13 June 2014

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