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Brits splashing out on airport spending rather than focusing on holiday deals

With our holiday budget in hand; it’s no surprise that many Brits succumb to a pre-holiday spending spree the moment they arrive at the departures lounge.

However, it seems that while scanning the best in duty-free bargains holidaying Brits have taken their eye off the best in travel deals - a fact that could leave them doubly out of pocket. This is Expedia’s latest Holiday Spend Index UK traveller’s airport spending seemingly knows no bounds with holidaymakers treating themselves to a slap up pre-flight meal, a drink or two and even those last-minute holiday wardrobe essentials airport-side. Their top five airport spending indulgences are as follows:

1. Food at a restaurant in the airport (68%), 2. Duty free goods at the airport (62%), 3. New clothes to get ready for our holiday (59%), 4. Magazines and books at the airport (57%), 5. Alcoholic beverages whilst at a bar or restaurant at the airport (45%)

And it seems that as well as being willing to part with their cash in departures, Brits are also willing to forgo potential holiday savings by failing to shop around for holiday bargains. The Index revealed that just two fifths (40%) of Brits search for seasonal sales prior to booking a holiday, while just 6% snap up easy discounts by booking through their mobiles.

To add further weight to the idea that Brits on holiday aren’t savvy holiday savers, the research revealed that just 22% purchase tickets to attractions in advance, while just 19% have booked an international holiday based on fluctuations in currency. And how does this spending behaviour compare with travellers across the globe? It seems that our travelling counterparts in Asia have their travel budgets firmly in hand. This is because holidaymakers from this continent are twice as likely (42% on average) to seek out the destinations that will help their travel spend go further.

Commenting on the findings, Expedia.co.uk Managing Director Andy Washington, said: “With rapidly changing prices, finding the best deal can be a complex process and this study shows that Brits aren’t always sure how to go about this. So we are developing new tools to take the stress out of travel planning. Last year those who booked flight and hotel together with Expedia.co.uk saved over £200 on average. So the financial reward for getting smarter about our holiday spending is clear and we are making it easier than ever to take advantage of flight+hotel savings.” If you are heading off on a long-haul holiday, it’s important to organise worldwide travel insurance in advance

Date Created: 09 June 2014

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