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Under 25s love window seats; but which place on a plane are you most likely to sit in?

While many passengers are reluctant to pay to secure their ideal seat on a plane, for those who do so it may be an unconscious choice rather than chance that dictates where exactly they sit.

Polling 10,000 passengers from countries across Europe budget airline easyjet revealed that nationality, age and travel companions can all have a bearing on whether we plump on window or aisle, front or back. The survey found that overall the window was the seat of choice for more than half (59%) of those questioned, followed by the aisle seat for more than a third (38%) of passengers.

And when it comes to the exact seat that really ticks the boxes 7F emerged as the favourite seat amongst European travellers, while 19C proved to be the least popular. The research also threw up a range of other fascinating insights into plane seat choices. Portuguese passengers are the most enamoured with window seats (80%), Aisle seats are most likely to be chosen by Dutch (48%) and German passengers, More than three quarters (76%) of under 25s gave the thumbs up to the aisle seats, with these passengers increasingly making this seat choice as they get older, Middle seats are a no go with UK travellers, who would rather opt for a window seat (56%) or an aisle seat (41%)

And when it comes to who we are most likely to find in each seat it seems that girl power reins for the window seat, while older men like to ‘retire’ to the comfort of aisle seats. This breakdown is as follows: Female passengers aged 25 or under from Portugal and Czech Republic – most likely to be in the window seat, Passengers aged between 45 and 54 – most likely to be in middle seat, Male passengers aged 65 or over from Holland and Germany - most likely to be in the aisle seat

Commenting on the research findings, Peter Duffy, Group Commercial Director for easyJet, said: “The window versus aisle debate is one of the most frequently overheard conversations while flying. Since introducing allocated seating in 2012, all easyJet passengers have been able to select their seat and by combining that data with feedback from thousands of travellers we’ve mapped out the most popular parts of the plane.

“It is clear that no matter where you live having the ability to choose your seat is important and is something that our customers value.” If you are heading off on an overseas holiday in the coming months, it is important to organise travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 05 June 2014

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