How do our breaks abroad end up costing employers £478?

Work is definitely the last thing on our minds when it comes to planning our holidays, with thoughts of sunning up often replacing totting up our daily list of work tasks.

Now it seems that the case of wandering minds brought on by visions of sun, sea and sand is costing employers in more ways than one. As we dream of the hotel with the perfect view, purchase our essential summer wardrobe online , invest time in hunting down that ultimate low-cost flight and reminisce about our holiday at work once we return we are actually eating into a staggering 38 hours of our work time.

And what this inevitably means for employers is a dip in productivity as we slip into holiday mode leading up to our breaks abroad, and wallow in the post-holiday blues once we return. The total cost to employers of this below par performance? An average £478 per person!

The findings come as part of a survey of 1,885 holidaymakers conducted by Commenting on the figures, Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of, said: “As soon as you book a holiday, it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and for the trip to be on your mind 24/7.

“Researching activities that you can do once you’ve arrived at your destination, showing your friends, colleagues and every unfortunate passer-by pictures of the lovely hotel you’ll be staying in and bragging about the trip you’ve planned can be quite time-consuming!”

A study carried out last year by revealed that one in four employees research their trips during working hours using their phones, with the hours between 3pm and 5pm proving to be the prime time for hotel bookings. If you are heading off on an overseas holiday in the coming months, don’t forget that you can always snap up last-minute travel insurance.

Date Created: 04 June 2014

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