Behind BA: New TV show goes behind the scenes at iconic airline

British Airways (BA) has allowed cameras behind the scenes of its operations to give the viewing public a chance to get a deeper insight into the iconic airline.

BA staff will show the ins and outs of life at the airline as part of a new BBC documentary series, 'A Very British Airline', with the first of three episodes airing last night (June 2nd). Commenting on the programme, Nick Catliff, managing director for Lion Television, said: "It took a long time to persuade BA to give us access but we are now in the thick of filming.

"BA is a business of course but it's also an iconic British institution with a unique culture and history. "This is just the right moment to be going to the heart of BA as it handles difficult transformational changes and introduces new planes, flies to new destinations, trains new staff and deals with everything from cyclones and bird strikes to demanding first-class passengers and fierce competition."

Some of the events covered on the programme include the delivery of the A380, a peek inside BA's first class lounge at Terminal 5 and following trainees as they make their journey to becoming fully fledged cabin crew. On trainer even touches on the delicate subject of what would happen in the event of a death on board.

“This is a very grey subject, because it's on the day,” she says. “The main thing is you cannot block a door, you cannot put a dead passenger in a toilet. It is not respectful and also they are not strapped in for landing. “If they slid off the toilet and you land they will end up on the floor and they have to take the aircraft apart to get that person out.

“In a nice easy world, if somebody dies, which someone dying on an aircraft isn’t, you put them back in their seat,” she adds. “I know crew who had to sit next to somebody who had passed away for the rest of the flight.” To ensure that you are covered for a number of unforeseen scenarios whilst on holiday it is important to secure travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 03 June 2014

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