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Why do Brits leave a third of their annual holiday allowance unused?

This is according to the results of research conducted for jobs site Glassdoor by Harris Poll. It found that the average UK employee uses up three quarters (77%) of their total annual leave, leaving time that should have been dedicated to a dose of rest and relaxation curiously unused. Questioning 2,000 people the survey also found that those living in Wales were most likely to say yes to a stint away from the 9 to 5, with workers here using up a higher 86% of their annual holiday allowance.

In contrast, those living in Scotland seem to be more likely to spend their holiday time dealing with the more temperamental weather in the UK. Workers here use up just 66% of their annual leave – the lowest proportion recorded in the survey. Commenting on the research findings, Joe Wiggins, senior jobs community manager at Glassdoor, said:

"While there is always work to be done, employees should be conscious of using time off they've earned to recharge. "Employers should consider being more clear to everyone about what it means to be on leave and go beyond just encouraging employees to use time off.

"If employees don't get some real rest and relaxation then they won't return to work energised or ready to contribute, making them more susceptible to burn-out." And even when they do get a chance to break free from work commitments, it seems that Brits struggle to put work behind them. 44% of survey participants confessed to carrying out some work on holiday, while others revealed a colleague (18%) or boss (13%) had contacted them about a work-related issue while they were away.

If you are planning to switch off with a break abroad, it is important to organise travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 15 May 2014

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