The sheets are too white! Survey reveals unusual hotel complaints

Questioning 400 international hotel workers the survey conducted by travel search engine Skyscanner revealed that guests can be irked by the most unusual things. Sitting at the top of the list of the top ten unusual complaints encountered by hotel staff was a customer bemoaning that ‘the sheets are too white’ while in second place another grumbled that ‘the sea was too blue’.

For most holidaymakers heading out into blue waters for a dip followed by a night sleeping in crisp white sheets would be their idea of holiday heaven, but for others it seems that this is closer to holiday hell. The list of unusual complaints continued with the ‘ice cream was too cold’ in third place, can it be served in any other way?, while ‘the bath was too big’ in fourth place must surely have been uttered by someone who is a fan of ‘bijou’ environs.

The top ten continued with items that are surely beyond the control of hotel staff, ‘girlfriend's snoring kept guest awake’ (5th) and ‘guest's dog didn't enjoy his stay’ (6th) , revealing that travellers aren’t afraid to display some diva-like behaviour whilst on holiday.

The ranking was completed by more mind-boggling complaints as follows: ‘hotel had no ocean view’ (in Mayfair, London, 7th), ‘there was no steak on vegetarian menu’ (8th), ‘waiter was too handsome’ (9th) and ‘mother of groom wasn't given the honeymoon suite’ (10th). And it seems that the work of beleaguered hotel staff doesn’t stop there. They were also required to meet scores of unusual requests in order to keep holidaymakers in the style with which they have become accustomed.

The top five in this list are as follows: One glass of water on the hour every hour, throughout the night; 15 cucumbers a day, toilet to be filled with mineral water, bath of honey and the sound of goat bells to aid sleep. If you are heading abroad on holiday in the coming months, it is important to organise multi-trip travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 14 May 2014

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