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A holiday to please the ultimate drinking connoisseurs...that’ll be £750,000 please

Holidaysplease has revealed the ultimate holiday experience for drink connoisseurs, with the super luxe 40-day tour setting holidaymakers back a whopping £750,000. The drink-focused holiday allows travellers to sup on some of the most exclusive drinks around the globe. This includes sipping on a £12,000 diamond filled cocktail at Algonquin Hotel in New York and the £330,000 Armand de Brignac Dynastie at the Billionaires Club in Monaco.

And if that wasn’t enough those on the tour will continue their five-star drinking experience with a £110,000 red wine “Ampoule” at the location of their choice. This is as well as a £400 shot of Jose Cuervo 250 Aniversario tequila in Las Vegas. The trip isn’t all about drinking though as there will be plenty of opportunities to take part in activities that will have you feeling like an A-lister all over again.

This includes private tours of many of the facilities including Grey Goose and Dalmore. These can even be taken by air in travellers’ very own private helicopters. And in between visits to the world’s finest drinking dens, holidaymakers will have access to the finest restaurants, bars and hotels, and naturally fly by business class.

Some of the 5 star hotels features on the trip include: Hermitage in Monaco, Corinthia in London, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas and Raffles Singapore. The range of exclusive bars include the world famous Billionaires Club, Salvatore's at the Playboy Club and the Crown Club Casino in Melbourne.

Commenting on the tour, Holidaysplease spokesman, Byron Warmington says: “This is the first time that anyone has been able to bring together so many incredible experiences into one trip. Many people quote once in a lifetime holidays, but we think this genuinely is”. If you are planning to visit all four corners of the globe, it is important to organise worldwide travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 07 May 2014

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