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E-agents, travel tips from Siri and more: report paints a picture of travel in 2024

When we envision the future of travel most of us can see a time when spaceships replace aeroplanes, booking a holiday is done with a quick tap of a smartphone and beaches are fashioned in destinations that are normally devoid of sun, sea and sand.

But according to Skyscanner’s Future of Travel report there will be much more to travel developments than we could have dreamed possible over the next decade. This will start with our virtual assistant Siri anticipating our holiday needs, before we’ve even flicked through a brochure or two, and putting together travel itineraries on our behalf that she knows we’ll love.

Our e-agent, wearable devices that we wear constantly, will constantly be connected to the net and keep us plugged into the latest travel experiences that reflect our personal interests. Explaining this in more detail, Global Futurist Daniel Burrus, author of Technotrends: How to Use Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition, says:

"It will essentially be an Artificial Intelligence device, constantly connected to the web, which has learned to intimately understand our individual preferences. "It will personalize all of our travel experiences, planning itineraries based on our particular likes and dislikes, and act as a tour guide, telling us only about the elements of the destination that it knows we will be interested in.” Compiled using a team of 56 editors, researchers and futurists, the report looks at how current technologies will be used to enhance travel in the years to come.

Another forecast from the report is that photos will be replaced with 3D immersive experiences, helping travellers get the complete picture of a holiday destination or experience. "Wherever we have photos that are designed to inform you, we will ultimately also have 3-D immersive experiences," said Gareth Williams, Skyscanner's CEO.

Media company 3RD Planet developed a CGI tool has already which uses virtual reality to place people in streets of various cities. Williams goes on to say that virtual reality will be used to promote destinations in the future: "They'll become conventional tools for destination marketing organizations and tourist boards," he says. Whether you are heading off on holiday now, or in the future, is it important to organise multi-trip travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 23 April 2014

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