A British Christopher Columbus? Well travelled Brits seem clueless when it comes to famed explorers

Research conducted by Expedia.co.uk reveals that 2 in 5 Brits mistakenly believed Christopher Columbus to be from our own fair isle rather than his native Italy, while 70% couldn’t correctly name where he had gone. A further 11% believe that Sir Walter Raleigh, famed for introducing Brits to potatoes and tobacco, rather than Sir Francis Drake, completed the second navigation around the globe.

11% of Brits incorrectly handed over Ernest Shackleton's accomplishment of undertaking three expeditions to the Antarctic to Leif Erikson. Erikson was in fact the first European to have discovered America – and that at a good 500 years earlier than Columbus.

Commenting on the research findings, Expedia.co.uk Managing Director Andy Washington, said: “Whilst we can't all remember who went where, we are all agreed that through their travels these explorers' journeys had a huge impact on our lives. Today, we can virtually visit a gallery or tour a city, but it's the tastes, the smells, the encounters that stay with us.” Despite struggling to separate historical fact from fiction, more than half (58%) of Brits questioned argued that they would like to take up the challenge of an explorative journey of their own. And it seems that Brits are in luck as Expedia.co.uk is looking for a modern explorer to re-live Vasco Da Gama's discovery of a new sea route for the spice trade with Asia.

This journey will start in Lisbon; continue on through the Canaries, round Cape of Good Hope, up to Mozambique and end in Goa. “Technology has made travel accessible to all of us. By re-visiting the journey of one of history's greatest explorers with modern technology, we hope to inspire today's travellers and show that we are now living in a new Age of Discovery full of opportunities for exploration, whether on a quick weekend break in Brighton or trekking in Burma”, Washington added.

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Date Created: 18 April 2014

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