After the London Marathon comes....the volcano marathon

And while the London Marathon covered a distance of 26.2 miles, the “The Azores Trail Run” will set an even greater pace along this stretch of volcanic islands at a distance of 32.3 miles. This is the first time the event has been held and will see runners pit their marks and pound one of two famed rocky and lush trails on Faial Island - the Faial Ultra Coast to Coast (32.3 miles) and the Trail of Ten Volcanoes (13.05 miles).

The Trail of Ten volcanoes joins the Faial Ultra Coast to Coast trail with the latter giving participants the chance to take in a stunning range of rare flora and fauna and take in landmarks including the Lavada with its amazing rail bridge, tunnel and ancient basaltic volcanic cone. The running event aims to the highlight the stunning natural beauty and biodiversity offered by the islands as well as its range of sustainable tourism activities such as walking trails, hiking and cycling.

Quality Coast (the international certification programme for sustainable tourism destinations) named the Azores as the No.1 sustainable tourism destination in 2013 and it’s certified European Geopark was named as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network.

The appeal of the Azures, nine islands that are located in the middle of the North Atlantic and that belong to Portugal, is summed up in the following way: “These volcanic islands are renowned for their craters, beautiful lakes, stunning sea, thermal pools and mountain vistas, their impressive flora and fauna and marine life. The islands have played a hugely important part in European maritime history, due to their strategically significant position as the westernmost point of Europe.”

The Azures can be reached by direct flight from the UK in less than four hours from April – October, or via Lisbon. Wherever you are heading to on holiday in 2014, it is important organise single trip travel insurance cover in advance.

Date Created: 16 April 2014

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