Brits ‘make do and mend’ to spend less than £100 on holiday essentials

Money-conscious Brits spend less than £100 on holiday essentials before jetting away for two weeks by re-using old purchases, a recent survey has announced.

According to the research, more than a quarter of British travellers (26%) are happy to continue using swimwear which is as much as four years old while other ‘old favourites’ are dug out from the wardrobe to avoid splashing out on new holiday clothes or essentials. As much as 10% of travellers claim not to spend anything on new holiday clothes or toiletries at all while the majority of holidaymakers (59%) set themselves a budget of less than £100 for these vital purchases. Only one tenth would be willing to double this budget to £200.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, holidaying couples put money at the top of the agenda with fears over spending fairly common. More than a quarter of men (27%) said they worried about their partners spending habits – even though research has revealed that women actually spend half the amount men think they do.

Light suitcase, heavy wallet -More than just restricting their pre-holiday spending, British travellers also seek to travel light and avoid luggage fees by keeping their suitcase within airline allowances. A staggering 65% of those surveyed claimed their luggage weighs no more than 20kg while more than one tenth (13%) are happy to go away with just 15kg.

Only an exceptionally small proportion of travellers (4%) would pay excess fees to take up to 31kg with most tourists saving their cash to spend at the destination. This money would go on priority purchases, such as meals out or activities, with smaller expenses also witnessing a slight decline. Little under a half of travellers (45%) are cutting back on souvenir shopping by spending less than £50 on keepsakes from their holidays while a frugal 7% spend nothing on souvenirs at all.

This shows that British travellers are becoming savvier over the best ways to achieve good value for money on breaks away. By cutting costs on holiday luxuries, such as new clothes, swimwear and sunglasses, they are giving themselves more money to spend at their destination or on holiday vitals such as travel insurance.

Date Created: 08 April 2014

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