Booking a holiday at work ‘costs more’

New research suggests that 35% of people book their holiday whilst at the office could – but it could actually end up costing you more money.

A study of 4,500 holidays makers in the US found that people were more likely to book a more expensive hotel if at work – perhaps influenced by all those hours spent daydreaming of an exotic break. To add insult to injury, those that did book their holiday at work were less likely to be happy with their trip than those that booked from home.

Researchers from Rice University and Iowa University studied data from an online hotel reservation site. It looked at the quality of the hotel being booked and how happy they were with their trip. It was found that travellers going on long-distance trips and those that made their reservations at the office were more likely to splash out on pricey hotels. However, they were also the most likely to be dissatisfied.

Ajay Kalra Professor of Marketing at Rice said: “We were interested in understanding when people make more expensive purchases and their satisfaction afterward.” “We speculate that occurs because people are either more fatigued at work and tend to buy more expensive items or that vacations seem more appealing while people are at work,” he said.

The research also suggested that people booking and paying further in advance are more likely to pay for quality hotels. However, in this case, they are more satisfied with their stay than late-bookers. “So the reasoning, not originally ours, is that if you pay earlier, the ‘pain-of-paying’ — which is the pain you feel when paying for something — diminishes with time, leaving people happier during their vacation,” Kalra said.

When holidaymakers experience poor service at the hotel, the ‘pain-of-paying’ returns and makes people feel even less satisfied. Therefore, anyone wanting to get the best possible enjoyment out of their holiday should book well in advance – and from home. This also gives bookers an opportunity to compare prices for other essentials, such as travel insurance.

Date Created: 04 April 2014

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