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Parents ‘scared’ to take young children on holiday

Thousands of children could be missing out on holidays when they’re young as a parents revealed they are ‘too scared’ to travel with their little ones on a plane.

A new study has found that criticism from other passengers prevents a quarter of the UK’s mums and dads taking their child on a flight. Of those that avoid booking holidays abroad, 45% admitted that it was because they were worried their kids would cry or be noisy, disrupting the other passengers on board the flight.

Almost a third (31%) found travelling with an under-5 too stressful and so opted not to fly, while 16% confessed to being concerned about how the airline staff would treat them. The study questioned over 1,700 people, but less than half of those (44%) were happy to take children under the age of five on a flight.

While it might seem extreme, parents do have a reason to be concerned as another study by sunshine.co.uk found that more than half of parents get annoyed by children of other passengers. The results also demonstrated support for the introduction of family sections, with 78% saying that they would like to see them on flights.

These findings were backed up by a Telegraph Travel survey, which found that three-quarters of readers want to see child-free flights introduced. This would not only benefit passengers flying in child-free zones, but also families that are currently ‘too scared’ to take their children abroad. Travelling with young children can be a challenge, but there are plenty of ways to make the journey a lot smoother. As an example parents can arm themselves for the long journey with activities and sources of entertainment that will help to keep their kids amused.

Chris Clarkson, managing director at sunshine.co.uk, said: “Parents should never sacrifice a holiday just because they are worried how their children will behave on a flight or how other people will react if their kids play up.” Parents that do take the plunge and opt to fly with their kids must remember to ensure that their children are covered with family travel insurance.

Date Created: 12 March 2014

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