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4,600 Year Old Step Pyramid Unearthed in Egypt – and it’s older than the oldest of the Seven Wonders

The excavation works to remove a thick layer of sand covering the pyramid started in 2010 and has taken until now to uncover. The initial results of the work have been presented at a symposium in Toronto by the leader of the group, research associate, Gregory Marouard. When it was originally built around 4,600 years ago, it would have been 13 metres high, but is now closer to just five metres as much of the stone has been stolen and weathered.

Believed to be one of the ‘provincial’ pyramids built by either Pharaoh Huni or Snefru, the reason for their construction is still unknown. One theory is that they were built o demonstrate the Pharoah’s power and wealth. The provincial pyramids are found near major settlements across central and southern Egypt and six share similar dimensions – including the one at Edfu. Unlike many Egyptian pyramids, they were not intended for burial as there are no internal chambers.

The team of archaeologists have found the remains of an installation where food could have been made, giving a clue to the pyramid’s purpose. Hieroglyphics suggesting child burials have also been discovered, but these date long after the original build.

With Pharaoh Khufu ordering the Great Pyramid of Giza to be built, it’s thought that smaller pyramids, such as this one were neglected as all resources were dedicated to building one of the seven wonders.

Scholars have been aware of the step pyramids existences, but the building hadn’t been excavated until work began four years ago. Covered by sand and waste, the local village people thought the structure was a tomb of a local Muslim saint.

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Date Created: 24 February 2014

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