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5 of the world’s most extraordinary hotels

While every hotel will be even slightly different from the next, particularly when it comes to quality, you tend to get a similar experience wherever you go: clean, modern lines, neutral colours, chocolates on the pillow etc.

However, if you’re looking to jet off somewhere different or unique this year, scroll down the Lonely Planet’s list of the most extraordinary hotels in the world. We’ve picked out the top 5, but as many of these are outside of Europe, you’ll need to remember to buy worldwide travel insurance.

Mihir Gahr, India- Sitting in the top spot is an isolated fortress situated in the Thar Desert. From afar it looks like a giant sandcastle, but it offers guests complete luxury. Absolutely everything has been crafted specifically for the hotel with respect to its surrounding, for example the fireplaces are made from cow dung and clay.

Planet Baobab, Botswana -If you want a surreal African experience, book a night in Planet Boabab. Situated in Botswana’s Makgadigadi Pan, the hotel is a collection of thatched African huts that sit below the baobab trees. Don’t be surprised to see cows, horses and donkeys wandering by, or even elephants gathering around the nearby waterhole.

Prendiparte B&B, Italy - If you want something more than just a room for your stay, the Torre Prendiparte should suffice. Guests can stay in the 900-year old tower, which stands 60 metres high. With living areas on the first two floors and a rooftop terrace, it’s a fantastic place to look out over Bologna.

Qasr Al Sarab, United Arab Emirates - On the edge of the Empty Quarter desert, Qasr Al Sarab rises out of the landscape like a mirage. With crenellated exterior walls, luxurious fabrics and wooden doors on the interior, it’s like stepping into the Arabian Nights. There are several cultural activities to take part in as before feasting while sitting on carpets in the sand.

Cradle Mountain Lodge, Australia - Head to Tasmania and you will find a group of cabins nestled deep in the bush. There are different sizes, so this hotel will suit whether you’re a newlywed couple or a family. Cradle Mountain is the perfect place for exploring, with walking trials leading straight from the door of the lodge.

Date Created: 20 February 2014

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