Parents willing to fly further with kids in tow

Nearly half of UK parents would like to explore further afield on their holidays, despite travelling with their children.

According to online travel company Globehunters, 46% claimed that they were happy to fly mid to long haul, while just 37% admitted a four hour flight was long enough. The survey of 1,000 people also found that the vast majority (83%) of parents were willing to fly to take their children on holiday.

Leon Warner of Globehunters said: “Flying with children can sometimes be a challenge, but UK parents are willing to look past this to ‘holiday’ somewhere further afield as a family.” The results did find that women were more patient than men as just 14% of mums said they wouldn’t fly with their kids to go on holiday – compared to almost a quarter (24%) of dads.

To prevent any further distress when travelling with young children, parents can invest in family travel insurance. While most parents might be patient when travelling with children on flights, the rest of the passengers aren’t so willing.

Just last summer, The Telegraph found that the majority of readers are in favour of child-free flights, like those introduced by Air Asia X. The problem of misbehaving children is thought to be one of the biggest in-flight frustrations for parents, even more so than drunken passengers and poor customer service. More than half of those polled by The Telegraph said they would like to see in-flight crèches and approximately one quarter would pay up to £50 more to see an adult-only zone.

Benji Wilson for Telegraph Travel listed a number of tactics to keep the younger passengers on their best behaviour. He suggests “…a much-loved old book; a couple of colouring pens and a note pad; a small Russian doll. Plus an iPad – a combination of episodes of videos, photos, interactive books - or just bashing the screen repeatedly - killed hours.” The latter option is likely to help keep kids quiet on long-haul flights; especially as the recent FAA ruling allows personal electronic devices (PEDs) to be used on the entire flight – including take off and landing.

Date Created: 12 February 2014

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