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10 destinations offering better value for money in 2014

Brits planning this year’s holiday will be pleased to hear that there isn’t a better time to go as a strong pound cuts the cost of holidays.

The pound hit a five-year high against the Turkish lira, meaning that holidaymakers will be getting up to 35% more for their money in Turkey than last year. £100 is currently worth approximately 355 lira, but the same amount would get just 260 lira last year and as little as 225 in 2010.

However, the pound is doing well elsewhere around the world too. Travellers planning to explore anywhere from South Africa to Australia will benefit from the resurgence of the pound. In fact, the only foreign currency that the pound hasn’t strengthened against is the Icelandic Krona, where it’s down by 7.2% year on year.

Holidaymakers buying £500 of foreign currency today could get more than a fifth more than if they exchanged the same amount in February 2013: 1. Turkey +£130.46 2. South Africa +£119.56 3. Indonesia +£118.33 4. Brazil +£105.52 5. Jamaica +£90.42 6. Russia +£89.24 7. Australia +£88.07 8. Norway +£81.02 9. Canada +£68.69 10. Thailand +£64.32

A spokesperson for the Post Office Travel Money said, “The improved value of sterling has led to a rise in demand for a wide range of currencies. In addition to an unseasonal surge in sales of the Turkish lira, we have also seen a big increase in demand for South African rand, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar.” The strength of sterling will make the overall cost of holidays much cheaper as tourists require less spending money for food, entertainment and travel. Holidaymakers could also save money by ensuring they compare extras, such as travel insurance, before they fly.

The pound has done exceptionally well against the Turkish lira, meaning that travellers might get now get better value for money by opting for self-catering holidays, rather than all-inclusive packages. With Turkey set to be a hot destination for 2014, Brits travelling after 10th April 2014 must remember to apply for an e-visa before travelling.

Date Created: 07 February 2014

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