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Scottish destinations feature prominently on UK travel destination ranking

A survey of more than 100 leading travel writers and journalists for 101holidays.co.uk has named the Hebrides as the UK’s favourite non-city holiday destination.

A different strand of the very same survey recently named New York as the top global city holiday destination. Luminaries such as Ben Fogle identified the various charms and attractions of New York in their global ranking. However, when it comes to looking at UK-based destinations, it seems that the rustic charm of the Hebrides have caught the eye of many leading writers.

In fact, the Hebrides ranked so prominently on the overall list of favourite UK holiday destinations that it was beaten only by major UK cities in London and Edinburgh. Angus MacNeil, Western Isles MP, was quick to emphasise the significance of this particular point.

“I am delighted to see the Hebrides has ranked as the No 3 travel destination in the UK. We must note that we were beaten by two cities, London and Edinburgh, and when you exclude cities from the category, the Hebrides ranked No 1,” he said. “This is a fantastic boost for our tourism industry and will be welcome throughout the Hebrides,” he added.

When analysed in this way, it certainly is likely to be a significant factor in helping to attract more and more people to sample the specific charms of the area. Indeed, it is a major boost for Scotland in general to have two separate destinations ranked in the top 3 of favourite UK holiday destinations.

It is also worth emphasising the point that both destinations highlight different qualities that the country possesses. While Edinburgh undoubtedly offers an enjoyable mix of ancient culture combined with a strong appreciation for the modern arts, the Hebrides region offers a rather more relaxed experience for those who are keen to escape the stresses of modern life. Regardless of what you’re looking to enjoy from your holiday, it is always a good idea to ensure that you have a good quality travel insurance policy in place to give you peace of mind.

Date Created: 21 January 2014

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