Extra flights needed to cope with huge World Cup demand

Nearly 2,000 additional flights have been authorised by aviation authorities in Brazil to cope with soaring demand for the World Cup.

The size of Brazil means many travelling fans will need to move large distances if they are to follow their teams, while many hotels and airlines have inflated prices. Some companies have set price caps on domestic flights, but the maximum prices remain a considerable amount above what they would be at any other time of year.

Airlines Azul and Avianca Brasil have said they will cap domestic fares at 999 reais (£260) although the two biggest carriers, Gol and Tam, have not. Three million Brazilians and 600,000 foreign fans are set to travel for the event during June and July and the majority of those will require air transport.

Despite a rise in the number of people flying to Brazil in recent years, many airlines have also cut routes and staff numbers in a bid to generate greater profits. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, 1,973 new flights will be permitted between 25 airports during the duration of the tournament. The most additional flights will be for routes between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in Argentina, Brasilia and Sao Paulo, and Fortaleza and Sao Paulo.

There remain concerns however, that the extra flights will pile even more pressure on to airline and Additional flights from foreign airlines could be allowed to operate during the tournament, but Brazilian authorities were keen to ensure that they did so without “abusive” price hikes.

Many hotels and consumer groups in Rio have agreed not to charge more than at peak New Year or Carnival times, following reports that tourists face hotel bills of hundreds of dollars per night. If you are heading to the World Cup in Brazil this summer, it might also be a good idea to insure that you have organised an effective travel insurance policy.

Date Created: 17 January 2014

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