NewYork named travel writers favourite city

The appeal of the Big Apple has never been hard for tourists to see, with many heading there each year to take in sights such as Statue of Liberty, Wall Street and the glitzy streets of Manhattan.

Now a survey of more than 100 travel journalists, including well-known figures in the world of travel such Simon Calder of the Independent and television presenter and writer Ben Fogle, have named New York as their favourite global city. The findings from revealed that the US city even placed ahead of the London, though the capital did take the top spot when it came to a ranking of the favourite destinations in Britain.

The top ten city ranking, however, did not include Barcelona, Madrid and Rome, despite all being popular city break destinations. When posed the question of where they would head to if they were offered a free travel ticket, Australia emerged as a clear winner. This was followed by other long-haul destinations including Brazil, the US and New Zealand.

However, if travel writers needed to foot the bill for their holiday their top three choices would be US, France and Italy. When it came to the countries with the best beaches the top five saw Thailand in first position followed by USA, Spain, Greece and the British Virgin Islands. With its stylish cities, picturesque countryside and immaculate coastline it may come as no surprise that France took pole position when it came to travel writers’ favourite country. This was followed by India, Italy, USA and Thailand.

Describing their ideal holiday, one travel writer wrote: “I would take the train to Switzerland, rent a lake house by Lugano and do nothing except chug back and forth across the water, hike in the mountains and read.” Is your choice of travel destination influenced by travel writer recommendations? Which destination would you name as your ultimate destination? If you are heaading off on holiday in 2014, it is important to organise worldwide travel insurance in advance.


Date Created: 08 January 2014

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