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Half of Brits on holiday are "blind bookers

While many of us will have a bucket list of ideal destinations we want to be sure to head to within our lifetime, it seems that some UK travellers are happy to have no previous knowledge of their holiday destination. That is according to a poll by conducted by travel agentsunshine.co.uk which revealed that almost half of Brits are "blind bookers", who fail to carry out any research on their overseas resort before booking.

Explaining why they fail to do so, this group argued that they did not want to "over-complicate" things, and would rather find out what they are getting once they arrive at their destination of choice. Further figures from the research showed that the appearance of their hotel was enough to help them make the leap for around 25% of blind bookers. More than three quarters (78%) outlined that a lack of research hadn’t impeded their chances of having "a very good" holiday.

The survey, which questioned a total of 2,128 adults who had been on a foreign holiday in the past year, also revealed that some holidaymakers had taken more stringent measures before booking their break abroad. More than a third (39%) had carried out research before booking, though this was still less than the figure that had carried out no research at all (48%).

13% had already tried and tested their destination on a previous occasion, and as a result were happy to revisit without carrying out further research. 41% of holidaymakers questioned had researched into their destination once their holiday booking was finalised with two-thirds of this group admitting to getting "anxious" about what they had discovered about it. 20% of blind bookers also revealed that they had been "disappointed" by their holiday.

Commenting, Sunshine.co.uk managing director Chris Clarkson said: "It always pays to do some homework before booking a holiday.If you book somewhere without checking a few things first you might be disappointed on arrival."

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Date Created: 07 January 2014

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