New commission sees the potential for expansion at Heathrow and Gatwick

An airports commission, which has been given the specific remit of looking at potential options for expanding overall UK airport capacity, has turned its attention to both Heathrow and Gatwick.

Potential options such as extending a current runway at Gatwick and even adding an entirely new runway at Heathrow have been brought up, as the commission searches for the most appropriate way to move forward.

The final report, which is set to define the long list of proposals which exists at the moment, is not due to be presented until the summer of 2015. However, ahead of that date, 3 of the most popular proposals which have been discussed to date include: -A minimum 6,000 metre extension of the northern runway at Heathrow, expanding the functionality of the area in terms of extra landings and departures -A brand new 3,000 metre runway at Gatwick Airport -A brand new 3,500 metre runway at Heathrow Airport

The issue of the UK falling behind other countries in terms of the overall aviation capacity has been brought up by a number of people in the last few years, as travel across the globe becomes more and more accessible.

However, some people remain strongly opposed to any expansion plans, with London Mayor Boris Johnson being one of those who has been particularly outspoken in recent times. Sir Howard Davies, a prominent UK businessman and leading expert in financial markets, has been appointed as the head of the commission. An entirely new airport is also thought to have been mentioned as a solution, with Kent standing as the leading option in this regard currently, according to reports.

Other airports, such as Birmingham and Stansted, have so far not been mentioned as possible sites for expansion. However, it appears that nothing has been ruled out at this point in a bid to expand the overall capacity which exists for travellers coming both in and out of the UK. If you are planning to travel from any of the UK airports this winter, it is always a good idea to secure travel insurance in advance of your trip.

Date Created: 17 December 2013

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