What do we love talking about on social media? Travel of course

We all know that holidaymakers struggle to switch off on holiday, and it seems that when they are switching on their main topic of conversation relates to the very thing they love doing best...travel.

A study conducted by Facebook revealed that 42% of stories on users’ timelines related to their intrepid adventures around the world, whether it’s musing about the places that they want to visit next or posting photographs of locations they have already visited. Holiday postings proved so popular that more than half of the 3,000 users included in the research put them in their top three post types. This put travel posts and updates ahead of subjects including family life, babies, wedding, pets and food.

An even when users aren’t actually detailing every holiday memory on social media, their posts have acted to kick-start visions of their next trip. This was the case for 52% of travellers, while 83% argued that even if they don’t have a holiday in the diary they can still be found gazing admiringly at holiday photos posted by friends and family. “It [travel] is the most shared topic,” says Tracy Yaverbaun, Facebook’s group director of retail, travel, luxury and fashion. “We [have been] seeing much more engagement from our users talking about and sharing their experiences of travel.”

Further figures from the research showed that travellers are so keen to keep the world updated about their travels that 99% had posted on Facebook as soon as they return from their holiday. A keener 32% even begin posting updates before they are back at the airport.

A recent survey conducted by a survey by Hotels.com also confirmed our penchant for using social media on holiday, revealing that many holidaymakers are more than happy to post a holiday selfie or two. Commenting on the survey findings, Laura Watts, from Hotels.com, said: “Sharing holiday snaps is nothing new. However in the age of social media, we’re becoming more competitive when letting everyone know how great our holidays actually are – and of course – making sure we are in the shot looking good too.

If you are planning a holiday abroad this year, it is important to secure travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 04 December 2013

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