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On the beach or by the pool: our favourite spots for taking a holiday selfie

While our holidays should be an opportunity to focus on ourselves, with hours of free time on our hands our thoughts can often wander back to our friends and family. But instead of feeling sorry for those who didn’t make the escape to foreign shores with us, we are more likely to be conjuring up ways to inspire jealous in them – and a choice holiday selfie is just one way we can do this.

To show others just what they are missing out on, from swaying palm trees to glorious sunsets, holidaymakers are more than happy to post a shot or two of themselves having the time of their lives on their stint abroad.

And what’s our favourite spot to capture a holiday selfie? According to a survey by Hotels.com it’s surrounded by the local area or landscape (e.g. the beach or pool), with a shot of friends and family in second place. In third place is the stunning view from our hotel room, while fourth place is occupied by a pic of travellers’ holiday accommodation including their plush en-suite rooms. And to highlight just how much fun they are having on holiday, those on a break abroad are more than happy to share pictures of themselves sipping cocktails (5th) or donning a pair of sunglasses (6th) with all and sundry.

And it seems that even the mundane doesn’t escape the beady eyes of fans of a holiday selfie with shots of holidaymakers feasting on breakfast or dinner (7th), posing in their swimwear (8th), a view of their holiday bed (9th) and even pulling a silly face (10th) making it onto the smoasting – or soclal media boasting - pile.

Commenting on the survey findings, Laura Watts, from Hotels.com, said: “Sharing holiday snaps is nothing new. However in the age of social media, we’re becoming more competitive when letting everyone know how great our holidays actually are – and of course – making sure we are in the shot looking good too.

“Smartphones and tablets are ideal tools for sharing our experiences, and with apps that have the ability to edit shots at the click of a button, we can make our holiday snaps look perfect, making everyone envious back home – which, of course, is part of the fun.” If you are planning a holiday abroad this year, it is important to secure travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 22 November 2013

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