Yearn to live like a local on holiday? Four intrepid travellers complete life swap

Think of Lapland, especially during the festive season, and what immediately springs to mind? Santa, snow and sledding no doubt, yet though there is so much more to Finland’s northernmost county that initially meets the eye.

And four intrepid travellers are about to find out just what that is after winning a contest to 'Meet the Locals' and swap lives with four Lappish residents.

The winning foursome were whittled down from entries from sixteen countries around the globe, and Jaime, Megan and Travis from London and Neeltje from Amsterdam will be heading to the wilds of Lapland on December 2nd to get a real taste of the region for a full seven days. British holidaymaker Jaime Nunez, 37, who works for an advertising agency will be stepping into the snow shoes of Gareth Hutton from Enontekiö, a municipality with just 1,900 inhabitants. He said:

"My biggest dream is to live close to nature, doing creative things that can make the world a little better. Now I have been given a chance to do that. I get to go to Enontekiö to witness its unique natural phenomena and genuine Lappish hospitality. In exchange, Gareth will get to spend time in a very Bohemian North-London lifestyle.”

Megan, 28, and Travis Symons, 29, who are originally from Australia but are currently living in England will swap with Eero and Tiina Leppänen from Rovaniemi, which is described as the ‘the Official Hometown of Santa Claus in Lapland’. Commenting on the initiative, Hanna-Mari Talvensaari, Marketing Director for Lapland - The North of Finland project, said:

"Besides candid encounters with local people, the visitors can expect an exciting hunt for northern lights, a taste of Lappish cuisine and journeys to discover the natural environment, tailored to their own wishes. I believe that each of them will have such unique experiences in Lapland that they will leave a small bit of their hearts here forever." Have you lived like a local? Wherever you are travelling to get an authentic sample of a culture it is important to secure travel insurance in advance of your trip.

Date Created: 15 November 2013

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