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Petition urges end to new term-time holiday regulations

The ban on taking holidays during term-time has only been in effect for a matter of weeks, but already there is a lot of opposition to it.

One plucky parent has taken things a step further and his petition –composed of some 126,000 names – is being delivered to the government calling for the ban to be reversed. The Department for Education will receive the document, with campaigners saying many families can simply not afford the additional costs that travelling in the summer holiday brings. The response from the DfE was that schools have the ability to be more flexible with their term dates, meaning options for cheaper holidays should be available.

Until September of this year, head teachers could grant up to ten days’ leave for family holidays although now they cannot grant any leave during term-time except in “exceptional circumstances”.

The petition – started by Craig Langman – is hosted on the 38-Degrees Campaigns By You website and claims the ban will “adversely affect” families who cannot afford the higher prices during the summer. “Not all businesses can allow their staff to be off all at the same time,” the petition also stated. “All children who have a good attendance record should be allowed the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their parents on an annual holiday of up to 10 days once per year.”

Mr. Langman explained that holidays taken when children are not at school can be considerably more expensive than during the rest of the year. “I am not asking kids to have a guaranteed extra two weeks on top of their existing 10 weeks' holiday each year - but this blanket ban on term-time holidays with the threat of a fine is almost killing families. “Soon only rich kids would be able to go on holiday and that's unfair on everyone else.”

A DfE spokesperson said: “If children aren't in school they lose out on valuable learning time and have to waste more time catching up. “That's why children shouldn't be taken out of school during term time unless absolutely necessary.” Whilst saving money is naturally a priority for British travellers in the current economic climate, investing in adequate protection via travel insurance should not be overlooked.

Date Created: 12 November 2013

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