1 min 28 seconds to the perfect holiday suitcase....by the YouTube Star hired by

We all have our own hidden talents, whether that’s dazzling the party crowd with our own array of card tricks or cracking the rubik cube in less than 1 minute. However, we rarely get recognised for them unless we’re brave enough to show off our skills on an episode of Britain’s Got Talent.

But for one enterprising man a video showing him nimbly folding a shirt in 2 seconds was all it took to amass a staggering 5,042,492 YouTube views and be snapped up as a Holiday Inn Express’s first efficiency engineer...yes you heard that job title right. David Haxworth from Monmouth took to his first task on the surprising job with gusto, creating a 1 minute 28 second video bursting with ingenious tips on how to pack the perfect holiday suitcase. Among the pearls of wisdom that Haxworth imparts on how to master the art of packing a holiday suitcase include the following:

Use a sunglasses case to store electrical cables -If the sun is out in your destination of choice, there’s a fair chance that your sunglasses case may not be getting much use. Haxworth is a man who doesn’t like to see an empty space wasted so popping electrical cables and small chargers that may otherwise go astray in your suitcase seems like the perfect idea.

Keep shirt collars looking ship shape with a...belt -Belts with metal buckles invariably go off as we pass through airport security so why not avoid the hassle and put your belts to better use inside your suitcase. Haxworth suggests rolling them inside shirt collars to help them hold their shape.

Unpack in less than the time it takes to say ‘Bienvenue’ -Why spend countless minutes unpacking your suitcase when you can do it in one foul swoop? And to achieve this Haxworth points us in the direction of pre-packed hanging shelves so that we can hang up our holiday wardrobe in advance!

Do you have any impressive packing tips? Whatever the size of your holiday luggage it is important to take out travel insurance to ensure that its contents are covered.

Date Created: 01 November 2013

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