Budapest cheapest city for a break

Holidaymakers can pay as little as £139 per person for a two-night stay in the city, including flights, according to research by The other criteria that cities needed to meet as part of the survey was that all accommodation was based on a centrally located apartment with one bedroom. Based on this format, Croatia was found to be one of the most expensive places to visit for a short stay, with Split and Dubrovnik coming in at £286 and £327 respectively.

The main reason that Budapest topped the poll was that accommodation is so cheap, with an apartment coming in at just £28 per night. Although flights to closer destinations were cheaper, such as Amsterdam and Brussels, the cost of accommodation forced them down the list.

Istanbul offers cheap flights but the high price of accommodation and alcohol make it a costly break for a weekend. Similarly Prague offers very cheap food and beer but the night’s board pushes the price up again.

Arnaud Bertrand, founder and CEO of Housetrip said: “Holidaymakers sometimes don't take into account all the expenses involved when choosing a holiday destination, instead they tend to focus on one particular element that they perceive to be a bargain, such as the low cost of living in a location, or the currency exchange and they base their holiday around that. You may think that flight bargain is too good to be true - and it just might be once you land and find yourself facing massive costs.”

In light of the research findings it may be best to try and calculate all the costs and do a little research before you go. A cheap flight might be one thing but if eating out costs a fortune when you are there, then the cost can spiral quickly. You also have to bear in mind the costs of essential holiday extras such as airport transfers and travel insurance. Shop around, however, and you can still find some pretty good deals online.

Date Created: 25 October 2013

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