Research reveals that our profession influences our holiday choices

Though most of us jump at the opportunity to take our annual leave, depart to fairer shores for a while and get out of the office for a little rest and relaxation in the sun, it appears we may not be that great at leaving work behind.

A recent report by online travel group claims to have discovered certain trends amongst each profession’s holiday habits. The questionnaire points towards a great deal of colleague influence when selecting holidays, as six out of ten respondents admitted their getaway destination was influenced by fellow employees.

The results of the questionnaire show that, while teachers prefer the Costa Blanca, bankers love Tuscany and accountants can’t get enough of the Côte d'Azur. Interestingly those employed by the Armed Forces head to Phuket when they fly out on their holidays, media workers depart to the Greek islands and mechanics enjoy spending a week or two on the Costa del Sol. Finally, construction workers make the journey to Sharm El Shiekh in the summer, human resources employees prefer the buzz of New York and hairdressers are most likely to be found in the Dalaman region of Turkey.

While critics may dismiss the poll as just a little bit of fun, it does show just how much our work lives determine what we do with our spare, leisure and holiday time. Though many of us wouldn’t like to think that our jobs influence as something personal as our holiday destination, this questionnaire seems to suggest that this is precisely what they do.

As the place we spend most of our time, it is only natural that the feedback, praise and criticism of holiday destinations heard in the office informs such an important decision. However, if you’re truly trying to get away from work this year and couldn’t imagine anything worse than bumping into a co-worker, maybe you should check out the full list and stay away from your profession’s most popular holiday spot.

Wherever you head off on holiday it is important to organise travel insurance before you go, to ensure you have cover during your trip..

Date Created: 18 October 2013

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