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A quarter of Brits tell lies about their holidays

According to a new study of holiday habits, around one in four Brits tell lies about their holidays because they are afraid about what other people think. Even when couples have the holiday that they want, they still don’t tell the whole truth to friends and families about where they are going. Many exaggerate certain areas and play down others according to their audience.

One of the key reasons for people doing this is that over half of the people asked think that their holiday choice reveals how interesting and cultured they are. Those who travel on cruises are more likely to lie about their trip than any other holidaymaker, with a massive 61% saying they tell porkies about their travels.

The survey was conducted by Leger Holidays, and one of the most interesting facts they discovered was that around 12% even go so far as to use fake tan before they get back from their break.

It’s not only families and friends who judge them either. Apparently many people are concerned about the reaction on social media. Around one in ten said they were worried what people on sites like Facebook might think about them because of the holiday they have chosen.

Huw Williams, Marketing Director at leading European escorted tour operator Leger Holidays, said: “It’s a shame that people are worrying so much about what other people might think they’re actually turning down the opportunities to try new travel experiences.

It seems to be a combination of fear of what others might say and fear about whether they’ll like a different kind of holiday, with a third of people admitting they’re scared to try something new in case they don’t like it.”

You shouldn’t really worry what anybody else thinks. Just book it up, get some travel insurance and head off. Your holiday is your time to relax and not worry about the world. It would be a shame to ruin it by worrying what other people think.

Date Created: 30 September 2013

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