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Cash-strapped Brits spend more time on the beach than their EU counterparts

This year we Brits spent longer on the beach than any of our European counterparts, enjoying longer holidays despite the financial problems and sunny weather that we often had back home.

According to information gathered by Tui Travel, we Brits spent on average ten days overseas this summer – more than any of our European neighbours. The French only had seven days, the poor things. In fact, it was only the Dutch and the Polish who spent longer on their summer holidays than we did.

Tui Travel also revealed that bookings were up on popular destinations from this time twelve months ago and that there was a definite preference for all-inclusive holidays. Not only that, but the Brits were the first to book their holidays, preferring not to leave it to the last minute. Unsurprisingly only the Germans and the Swiss were as quick. The first week in August was the most popular time for British travellers to go away.

Of course, all of this also comes in a summer when bookings were up in caravan parks and campsites across the country thanks to the long spell of hot weather. All in all it seems like it was a good summer for the tourism industry – and they really needed it too. Tui Travel chief executive Peter Long said: “People prefer to give up day-to-day luxuries so that they can go on their summer holiday, even in these austere times”

It seems that we British would rather not do without our summer holidays, regardless of the situation at home. However, we always need to remember that travel insurance is a holiday essential. With the financial pressure still on around the continent, you never know what might happen once you’ve booked a holiday. It always pays to be safe rather than sorry.

Date Created: 23 September 2013

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