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Brits shake off holiday stereotype

We all know the stereotypical Brit abroad - lobster tan, complete lack of local linguistic or cultural knowledge, being loud. However, it seems that we are not quite living up to our stereotype these days. Britons have shown in recent years that we embrace culture, enjoy local food and are eager to learn new languages.

According to a survey by the Post Office, in comparison to the 80s generation of British travellers, Brits are now 51% more adventurous, 32% more enlightened and 29% more spontaneous. There are far more solo travellers than twenty years ago and indeed many even go abroad looking for companionship and to find love.

Also, when taking into account the top five destinations from both 1983 and 2013, there are far more of us getting around than ever before. This year, around 10 million Brits have visited Spain, as opposed to only 2.6 million in 1983. Those that are there are not just sticking to the traditional ‘egg and chips’ diet with a massive two thirds saying they would try local delicacies while they were away.

Our personal belongings have changed to, with the Walkman - no longer the most important thing to take away – being replaced by a Kindle. Extreme sports have also replaced sun lounging as the top activity.

Paul Havenhand, head of travel at the Post Office, said: “UK holidaymakers’ habits and tastes have really evolved over the last 30 years, with even greater demand for convenience and speed when it comes to travel. With the advances in technology and transport, we think nothing of jumping on a plane within a few weeks of deciding where to go.”

Of course not everything has changed and cheap deals and travel insurance are still essentials for most holidaymakers. Tastes may change but bargains and security remain constants in the world of travel.

Date Created: 11 September 2013

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