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Brits spend two days on tech devices while away

A recent survey of how we spend our time on holiday has found that we spend an average of two days per trip on our tech devices. That includes time on laptops, iPads, phones and iPods.

According to the survey by Lastminute.com, we are spending around four hours a day browsing, reading and listening while we’re away. The scenery, food and culture are not quite enough for us it seems, as we are glued to our technology while on holiday.

Almost a half of the travellers who were questioned said that they use these devices to stop them getting bored while they are away. About a third said they used their devices to take and share ‘selfies’. A quarter said they took photos of their tans to make others back home jealous.

It seems like technology and Wi-Fi are increasingly becoming part of our lives, with 27% of Brits saying they wouldn’t stay in a hotel that didn’t have it. Not having Wi-Fi even results in many Brits taking a star or two away from its online rating. The same is true of restaurants and bars, with most holidaymakers preferring establishments that let them go online.

Mark Maddock, managing director of Lastminute.com said: “Whether it’s a good distraction or not, the reality is our customers are now always connected – and they want this to continue seamlessly when they are abroad. We are finding with our hotel partners it is no longer enough to offer guests free Wi-Fi; it is also about the quality and speed of the internet connection.

We have connected travel with technology since 1998 but would be the first to say to customers – don’t forget to switch off when you are on holiday and open your eyes to where you are in the world.”

Wi-Fi, browsing and technology have seemingly become as much a part of your holiday planning and experience as booking accommodation, travel insurance and sunburn.

Date Created: 02 September 2013

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