The strangest items left on planes

We’ve all done it at some point. Got off the train, plane or out of the taxi only to realise that we’ve left our glasses, book or phone on the seat. These small items can easily be put down for one second and then forgotten about as the rush to disembark distracts you. It’s a real pain, especially if you are on holiday.

However, whilst it might be all too easy to leave behind something as small as a book, a new survey by Skyscanner has found that some of us leave some very interesting things on planes. Having asked 700 flight crew in 83 different countries, it turns out that some of the items found on planes included dentures, a box of dried fish, diamonds and onions.

Truth is stranger than fiction

As if that wasn’t bad enough, some pets were also left behind, including a falcon, a frog, a tortoise and a parrot. Things get even stranger than that, however. A single uncooked egg, a toupee, a double bass and a written marriage proposal also made the list.

Of course, as you might expect, many of the flight crew had found phones, books and passports left on the plane.

A survey by Reddit about things found in hotel rooms after guests had left turned up some equally strange items. A notebook filled cover to cover with ‘reasons why I love salad’, a live python and a £10,000 engagement ring stand out.

In one case, a stamp worth £250,000 was found in a hotel room, left by a guest. A diamond-encrusted iPhone was also found in a room.

So, it would seem that we really all do it, even if the item happens to be worth a quarter of a million pounds or be a live snake, we can still forget it, which is why travel insurance is so important if you’re planning on going away. You never know what you might leave behind!

Date Created: 23 August 2013

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