Luxury travel trends: airlines bring glamour back to flying

The rise of the low cost airline has opened travel up to so many people. Cheap flights mean that many destinations have become more popular and more of us than ever before are flying. All of this has meant that some of the glamour has been lost from flying and some of the higher-end airlines have struggled to retain their exclusivity and luxury status in a busy market place.

This has resulted in a recent surge of partnerships between airlines and luxury brands, in an attempt to boost their reputation as providers of quality. For example, British airline Virgin has struck a deal with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to design all its staff uniforms.

Charter jet firm VisaJet has launched its very own range of Faberge jewellery, exclusively available on board their flights. Michelin-starred chef Michel Roth is designing the menus onboard Air France flights, with passengers being able to choose between six main dishes. The list of luxury brand and airline partnerships goes on and on.

According to Lola Pedro, a senior industry analyst at London firm believes the trend is likely to continue, saying: “Designer uniforms, branded holistic spas and Michelin-starred haute cuisine menus are just the beginning. Soon we will see luxury travel companies reaching even further out of their industry, potentially partnering with more obscure brands and investigating what these more experimental collaborations can offer them and their customers.”

Of course, for the rest of us mere mortals, the flying experience will be more ‘Kinder egg’ than Faberge egg. A sandwich and a beer on board the plane is about as luxurious as most in-flight meals get on the majority of budget airlines. However, as long as you arrive at your destination safely then it really doesn’t matter. Book accommodation, travel insurance and some cheap flights and you can have a holiday as good as any that’s teamed with ‘luxury partners’.

Date Created: 21 August 2013

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