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Bransons airline to stage on-board comedy shows

Your first reaction might be to ask if they’re having a laugh but apparently it’s no joke. Richard Branson’s Little Red, an offshoot from Virgin Atlantic, which offers short haul flights within the UK, will be staging stand up comedy performances in-flight on trips to Edinburgh during August and September.

This is designed to coincide with the Edinburgh festival, which takes over the city during these few weeks. The acts will involve impromptu joke telling and acoustic sets from aspiring musicians. However, the exact flights which will feature acts will not be listed so you won’t know when the show is about to start.

Some of the acts will be professionals, booked to play while on their way to their own shows at the festival. This will at least be some comfort to those fearing the worst. There are few things more awkward than a room full (or plane full, we imagine) of people not laughing at someone who is supposed to be funny. Unlike a comedy club or theatre, it’s not exactly like you can just nip to the bar either.

Those people who prefer to spend a flight listening to their own music or quietly reading a paper might also be in for a bit of a surprise. Virgin boss Branson said: “We launched Little Red to shake up domestic flying in the UK.”

He added: “In true Virgin Atlantic spirit, we are doing something a little different, and providing our passengers with a line-up of gigs to ensure we offer an unforgettable flying experience.”

It remains to be seen how passengers will react to the in-flight show. Although a bit of in-flight entertainment is sure to be welcomed by passengers, who normally have to go long-haul for the privilege. Regardless of whether you are tickled by the onboard antics or not, taking out travel insurance should form part of your pre-holiday planning.

Date Created: 08 August 2013

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