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Is all-inclusive really the cheaper option?

The idea of the all-inclusive holiday is that everything is taken care of in one overall price. Because you are paying up front and essentially in bulk, it should mean that in theory everything works out cheaper. However, the theory is not always correct. In its annual ‘All-inclusive holiday report’ the Post Office has found that some all inclusive stays cost more than many holidays, including independently booked B and B accommodation.

Taking the Algarve as an example, an independent stay with B and B accommodation, flights, meals and drinks would cost on average of £857 per person. This is a massive £648 less than the cheapest all-inclusive holiday package in the same area.

The same study also found that the same applied in the Cyprus and the Costa Blanca. However, in some areas it must be pointed out that the all-inclusive deals were marginally cheaper, including the Costa del Sol.

Another interesting fact about all-inclusive holidays that came to light in the study was that people were still paying for meals, even on all-inclusive deals. Tired of the same old food at the buffet, over £100 million was spent on additional meals. What the report shows is that you can never rely on any deal being the cheapest unless you do your research. Just like you would comparing prices on travel insurance and flights, it’s worth checking the facts of holiday costs before booking.

Nick Trend, the Telegraph’s travelled editor said: “This report shows the need to compare prices carefully before you book. All-inclusive deals may make it easier to control your costs while you are on holiday, but you may be paying an unnecessarily-high price for this privilege.”

While all-inclusive deals are undoubtedly convenient and ideal for those looking for a relaxing break, do you really want to be more than £600 out of pocket for the privilege? We thought not.

Date Created: 17 July 2013

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