If you’re taking the kids on holiday make sure you take your wallet too

According to a new online survey, parents taking their kids on holiday will spend an extra £200 just to keep them entertained. That might not be such a surprising revelation but over a third of parents said they hadn’t factored in this extra cost when budgeting.

The questionnaire, carried out by Bon Voyage asked 1,257 British holidaymakers with at least one child over five about their recent trips. A huge 64 per cent of them said that they had spent money purely on activities for the kids when they were away.

It’s easy to think that we should be aware of this extra expense but our powers of parental distraction aren’t always quite as strong as we think, especially when pitted against all the attractions a holiday can offer.

The top five additional spends that were reported in the survey were excursions at 44 per cent; beach games at 39 per cent; theme parks at 27 per cent; group activities at 21 per cent; and shows/exhibitions at 17 per cent. Over half the parents asked said they had chosen resorts that specifically catered for kids, presumably imagining that activities would all be free.

Steph Curtin, cruise development manager of Bon Voyage said: “Taking the kids on holiday can be costly, particularly when you factor in how much it can cost to keep them happy - which as this study shows isn’t cheap! Over £200 on activities or items to keep the kids happy is a serious amount of money on top of the cost of a holiday, and to see that one in three parents don’t budget for the extra cost is worrying.”

She added: “It’s important that you keep this cost in mind when booking your holiday, and choosing a holiday designed around the kids can be a great way of keeping costs down.” When booking holidays, as well as accommodation, flights and travel insurance, remember to factor in the cost of the kids too.

Date Created: 15 July 2013

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