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Rome and Paris tied for having worlds rudest cab drivers

For the most part, London cabbies are very friendly. Sometimes they can be a bit too friendly and they just won’t stop talking. That, however, is definitely preferable to getting a cab in Rome and Paris. According to a poll by airporttransfers.co.uk, cab drivers in both those magnificent cities are tied for the dubious honour of being the world’s rudest.

Driving in either city is notoriously hellish but it seems jumping in the back of a cab and letting a professional do it for you is not much better.

Other cabbies around the world who apparently aren’t quite as friendly as they could be include those in San Antonio, Ibiza, drivers in Dubai and those in the holiday resort of Magaluf in Majorca.

According to the survey of over 2,000 British holidaymakers, the friendliest cabbies in the world are on the Greek island of Rhodes and in the Turkish resort of Marmaris. A strong showing for the western Mediterranean countries there. Perhaps surprisingly, the cabbies of New York City were also noted for their friendly attitudes.

Apparently, what makes a taxi driver friendly according to the survey is if they are talkative (86 per cent of respondents said so - good news for chatty London cabbies). Someone who has knowledge of the local area and was helpful was also seen as being friendly (42 per cent). An unfriendly cabby is apparently one is who is unhelpful – no surprise there. So it looks like Parisian and Roman cabbies may need to try a little harder.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of airporttransfers.co.uk said: “You could stumble upon the most helpful taxi driver in the world, who gives you a guided tour of the area you're in on the way to your end destination, or you could have someone that just grunts in response to anything you say.” Of course, holiday experiences are affected by many different factors. Often if the price is good enough, the travel insurance reasonable and the city beautiful, we’ll put up with a rude cabbie or two. Just remember, they’re at work and you’re on holiday.

Date Created: 03 July 2013

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