Men’s top holiday worry is showing off a beer belly

When it comes to their summer holidays, it seems men and women are more alike than we may think. In a new study, more than half of the men questioned admitted that getting rid of the beer bellies was the number one worry, above paying for the holiday and getting visas sorted.

It seems that worrying about your paunch is the male equivalent of trying to squeeze into last year’s swimsuit. However, perhaps unlike the fairer sex, most of the men who admitted worrying about it also said they probably weren’t going to do anything about it.

Of the men questioned, 53 per cent said they weren’t even going to try and shrink their bellies and a further 31 per cent said they had already tried and failed. Whatever happened to getting fit for summer?

This concern over appearance is perhaps not something commonly associated with men and their inner anxieties. However, the number two spot on the list brings us back to more familiar territory. Just under half of all men surveyed worried that they might miss out on sporting events while they were away. Again something that came above money concerns and even leaving pets at home.

Commenting, Steph Curtin, cruise development manager of, said: "It looks like looking good on holiday is not just a concern of women, but I have to say I didn’t expect this to be the top concern of men when it comes to pre-holiday preparation!

"We all want to have our beach body ready and lose a few pounds before heading on holiday, as it can often be the case that holidays are a time of over-indulgence. However, it looks like these concerns fly out of the window as soon as we take off - so they won’t be ruining holidays for blokes it seems!" Other concerns that made it into the top ten were worrying about entertaining the kids while away (not surprising) and anxieties over putting on weight while away. The good news is that of all the participants in the survey, 78 per cent said that once they had arrived at their destination, all of their worries disappeared. Proving perhaps just how relaxing holidays can be. So why fret about excess baggage (in both senses)? Simply pack your bags, take out some travel insurance and be on your way.

Date Created: 28 June 2013

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