One in four have booked a holiday at work

There are lots of things we’re not really supposed to do at work that many of us end up doing. Whether it’s checking Facebook, helping yourself to stationary or making the odd personal call. However, it now turns out that a quarter of us admit to booking holidays at work.

According to a survey by, company directors and junior managers are those most likely to do it. So at least it’s good to know that those who should know better are also at it.

Of the 26 per cent of people who said that they had booked holidays at work, more than half said they had used their phone to do it. Laura Watts from said: “Our phones are an extension of our lives, whether we’re checking social media, making calls, taking photos or managing our lives through a plethora of apps.”

She added: “So next time you see someone on their phone in a meeting don’t be fooled – while they could be responding to an important e-mail, they may just be planning their next getaway”.

The survey found that hotel searches were at their peak between 3 pm to 5 pm. The time when the day really begins to drag and thoughts turn to a break. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Mondays are the most common day for booking a holiday.

More than one in five people said they booked a holiday because they were jealous of seeing pictures of friends on Facebook and other social networking sites. However, 22 per cent of people asked said they were guilty of sending people pictures of their travels for precisely this reason. This supports the idea that smoasting – or social media boasting – is becoming an increasingly popular holiday pastime. So, if you’re at work now, why not carve out some of your lunch hour and book some travel insurance, a hotel and some flights and head off somewhere nice.

Date Created: 27 June 2013

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