Annabel Karmel brands airline food ‘horrible’

Best-selling children’s food writer Annabel Karmel has poured criticism on the food served up to passengers on airlines, branding it as “pretty horrible”.

The author argued that passengers were faced with choosing from an array of junk food offered on flights, with healthy snack options woefully lacking, while airline meals are “destroyed” by overcooking. It is as a result of these reasons that Karmel argues that many parents “don’t trust” airline food.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, she said: "Airlines should be able to provide good food for children. I think it will get better but currently it's pretty unhealthy. "A bag of crisps, maybe biscuits and some dried-out food. It's pretty horrible and a lot of parents bring their own food because they don't trust it. If it was improved, parents would much prefer it, rather than having to carry their own food with them."

Among Karmel’s key airplane food bugbears was the inclusion of omelettes or scrambled eggs for breakfast, with Karmel arguing that “you can very rarely get eggs right on a plane”, while the inclusion of ‘salmon salad’ on the airline menu was perplexing as salmon “will never be right” after being heated for long periods of time.

Karmel’s comments come in the wake of research from British Airways which revealed flyers favourite mid-air food and drink, with 'butter chicken curry', Cadbury's chocolate all proving popular. However, more health conscious travellers have opted for choices such as peppermint tea and sparkling water, with requests for these drinks increasing. A BA spokesman came to the defence on airline’s in-flight meals. “We're disappointed that Annabel Karmel didn't enjoy her dining with us on her recent flight and apologise if her meal wasn't up to our usual high standard.

Date Created: 25 June 2013

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