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Women take the lead in booking holidays

We may be living in an increasingly equal world, but when it comes to certain matters it seems that some gender divides still hold strong.

That’s certainly the case when it comes to holiday planning, according to a recent poll by Skycanner. The global travel search site found that, after polling 1,000 international travellers, almost 75% of women claimed that they do the majority of the research when it comes to booking a holiday.

And what’s interesting is there seems to be widespread happiness at the current state of things. A third of men admitted that their female partners were better at holiday planning, with 97% of the total figure expressing happiness at the current status quo.

That’s not just because men saw themselves as lazy – although 10% of them reportedly did. But 20% of men believed that their female partners simply enjoyed sorting things out before every trip. Men weren’t the only ones who were happy for their female partners to make most the plans, as 95% of women expressed that they preferred to take the lead when it came to deciding on their holiday. .

“Planning a holiday can provide lots of talking points and create lots of decision-making, particularly when it comes to spending money,” said Sam Poullain, a spokesperson for Skyscanner. “The findings of our survey show us that, more often than not, it’s women who do the leg work and get the final say – and many laid-back men seem to be happy with this.” It’s believed that information like this may lead to a shift in how holidays are marketed, in order to become more attractive to female audiences.

So, what has caused women to take the lead when it comes to holiday planning? David Brett, president of Amadeus Asia Pacific offered some thoughts on the subject. “Women tend to be a lot more detailed, they dig a bit deeper and ask more questions. This is making the tourism providers think more about how they make their offers, making their products more attractive to a female booker.” Regardless of who’s booking the holiday in your household, the importance of appropriate travel insurance can’t be overstated.

Date Created: 24 June 2013

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