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Top destinations for fantasy lottery winners

We’re all guilty of it. Perhaps when we’re settling down to bed, or looking out of the window during our commute to work, the thought has crossed our minds: “What would I actually do if I won the lottery?”

Normally these thoughts are interrupted by a shake of the head and a quick snap back to reality. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to think about. Low-cost holiday website sunshine.co.uk had this exact topic on its mind when it asked 1,672 British adults what they’d do as soon as they’d won. The most popular answer was take a holiday, with 78% of respondents saying they’d immediately start making airport plans to travel somewhere a little warmer.

And when it came to the number one spot, the most popular destination was the Maldives, with 19% of Brits saying it’d be the first place they’d want to go. The second and third most popular choices were the Seychelles (with 13.2%) and St Lucia (10.2%).

Accommodation was also an important issue, with 67% of would-be lottery winners reporting they’d choose a 5* hotel, while 24% would instead splash out on a luxury private villa.

“Winning the lottery is the dream for everyone and I’d imagine that a house, car and holiday would be top of the shopping list for most people,” said Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk.“We wanted to find out where people would go in the world if money were no object.”

He added: “To see luxury destinations like the Maldives and St Lucia up there near the top is understandable, as they are places renowned for being quite pricey. However, it was endearing to see places closer to home like Spain appearing there, as Britons clearly love what the country has to offer. It’s a family favourite for many and it seems as though that wouldn’t change, even if their bank balances did.” But remember, whether or not you become a millionaire, the best way to have peace of mind on your holiday is to take out comprehensive travel insurance.

Date Created: 21 June 2013

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