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Bulgaria scores top marks for holiday value

It may not be as frequented by Brits as France, Spain and Portugal – but it looks like if you really want a holiday with value, Bulgaria should be at the top of your list. TripAdvisor’s new survey found that Sofia in Bulgaria got the highest score when holiday-makers were asked about the expenses they incurred on their trip. It also found that much of Eastern Europe was cheaper than anywhere else; ensuring plenty of travellers will be reconsidering their travel plans.

The survey compared the total cost of staying in a four-star hotel, having meals, cocktails and a return taxi ride. While this would cost two people £381 in Norway, the price was less than a third in Sofia at £104.

London also proved to be an expensive option, with the same package setting people back £296. But it wasn’t just the pricey hotels that made London so costly – a four-mile return taxi trip in the UK capital would cost £27.20, whereas it’d only set you back £1.39 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s more than enough to make you pick up a brochure, especially if you’ve been looking for an excuse to get away recently. Apart from Norway, Zurich (in Switzerland) is also a pricey choice at £343; while Stockholm (in Denmark) will set you back £342 with the same comparison items. Perhaps unexpectedly, other expensive destinations included Paris (£338) and New York (£335).

But if you’re not too keen on the idea of heading out to Sofia, there are plenty of other spots which will help your money go further. Other high-value destinations included Hanoi (in Vietnam), costing just £115 for the services, while Warsaw (in Poland) was only £123. Sharm el Sheikh (in Egypt) was also an attractive choice at £125.45, with Budapest (in Hungary) taking the fifth-cheapest spot at £127.

“The list shows that Asia is the most affordable continent, while Europe is the most expensive, but some European cities - like Sofia, Warsaw and Budapest - are bucking this trend,” said Angus Struthers from TripAdvisor. Whichever bargain holiday destination you decide to head to this summer don’t forget to take out travel insurance.

Date Created: 20 June 2013

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